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Elf The Musical

Buddy the elf

"All the more reason to give kudos to Stephen James Potter, who is fantastic in the part. He’s wide-eyed and innocent, goofy and warm, smiley and shiny and plays Buddy perfectly. He’s not anywhere near as winkingly over-the-top as Ferrell, he’s more sincere, and it works very well." -Sean Leary,
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"This 24-carat cast, led by Stephen James Potter — whose endearing Buddy exudes exuberant innocence, is nothing short of perfection."
-Chris Hicks, Quad Cities Times
"Stephen James Potter, as Buddy the human elf, is a tall drink of cocoa, as excitable and bouncy (most of the time) as you'd expect. Since everyone is familiar with Ferrell in this role, Potter has some big curly-toed shoes to fill, and he slips into them and makes the part his."
-Pamela Briggs, River Cities Reader
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The Addams Family


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"Potter, by the way, was wonderfully stoic and serious in his mostly non-speaking role, earning a few laughs with his reaction to Alice during “Full Disclosure.” His “voice” earned a couple of laughs as well"
-Brian Kennedy, Arts, Louisville
The cast was spot on, with every character being played by an actor who disappeared into their onstage counterpart, really making you believe they were who they were. Highly entertaining is Stephen Potter as Lurch. 
-The Mommy Nest
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